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As the holiday season looms ever nearer, now is a good time to think about how you are going to manage the social media activity for your business during the busy period.

Getting your social media strategy right at this time is critical as you are no doubt facing into a bit of a perfect storm. For many businesses, especially in the retail and service sectors, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year but it is also when you may be short-staffed and finding your resources stretched to breaking point.

In this article we bring you some hints and tips on how to set yourself up for success and ensure that you make this holiday season a festive one for your business.

Maintain your focus on social media activity

Social media shouldn’t be seen as a distraction from your core business. With increasing penetration of smart phones and an expectation from consumers that social media will deliver the information and opinions that they are looking for to shape their spending decisions, it is critical that your social media presence is consistently driving the key messages that you want to be pushing to your target audience.

Allocate your resources wisely

If you need to redirect some of your resources (such as the time that you or your team are spending on creating and publishing content or interacting with your customers) then be strategic in where you put your focus. You need to ensure that you continue to respond to any customer queries or concerns that are raised via social media so have the necessary alerts set up that remind you to respond to any new activity. Make sure that you know which social media channels are your most effective and focus on those. Your regular evaluation of your social media activity should give you the necessary insights and analysis that determine which are the key channels for your business.

Use social media to drive business performance

Work out now what promotions you will be running during the holiday season and how you can use social media to enhance and maximise the effectiveness of these. You may choose to design promotions that are exclusive to your online audience, or you may prefer to design integrated campaigns that have a clear social media element to boost visibility and reach.

Social media can shape your decision-making

If you are really engaging with your target market through your social media channels, you can use their feedback and conversations to help shape the type of promotions and activity that you offer. For example, you could run a poll on Twitter to decide whether your customers would respond better to a seasonal discount or free shipping.

Schedule your social media posts

There are a number of tools now available that can help you post to social media at scheduled times rather than you having to be in front of your computer throughout the day. Tools such as these help you to be smarter in the way that you use social media.

Are you ready for the holiday season? Make sure that your social media strategy is in place and ready for action.