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LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms that people tend to either really love or hate, but ultimately just accept and have a basic presence on, ‘just because’. It doesn’t quite have the exciting, enticing appeal of more popular channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and as a result, people tend to stick to these, and just use LinkedIn on occasion when they’re a bit bored of their job.

However, if used to its full potential, LinkedIn can have huge benefits for individuals and companies alike. Don’t believe us? Here’s why.

It’s great for job hunting

We thought we’d start with the most obvious point, but an important one nonetheless! Most people use their LinkedIn profile as a virtual CV, and this does work really well. You can also find really great opportunities for your career on LinkedIn, as you’ll be pointed in the direction of jobs that are relevant to your experience and skills.

It’s a really useful networking tool

As well as looking for new jobs and staying connected with your colleagues, it’s a great platform to keep all of your professional contacts in one place. You’ll get notifications with what they’re up to and they’ll get them from you too. You can reach out to people you’ve met in a professional environment and stay in touch.

Engaging with your audience is simple

Businesses, industry leaders and those wanting to engage with subjects on a professional level are much more likely to do so on platforms such as LinkedIn as opposed to sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can start and join in interesting conversations with your followers to learn more about your audience, and so that you can get some really valuable insights.

You can use it to advertise job opportunities

As well as job-hunting, it’s a great platform to advertise any job opportunities you may have in your business, as it’s a really simple process, and will get seen by a lot of relevant people who may be interested in the role. You can encourage your team to share the post advertising the job post on their own profiles too to stretch the reach even further.

You can target your posts to certain groups

As with sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to target your desired audience so that your posts will have the best chance of being seen by those who are most likely to be genuinely interested in them, rather than your general feed. This will also be really useful when it comes to networking and making valuable connections too.