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If you’re looking to amp up your online presence for your brand, business or blog, it’s time that you got serious on social media. It’s a free tool at your disposal that you can use in a whole host of ways to generate a buzz around your business, and to generate interest and hopefully some custom, of course.

When it comes to posting on your company’s social channels, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just tweeting and hoping for the best. You need a strict and well-organised social media content strategy. Here is why.

It helps you to get organised

The main reason why it’s so important is that put simply; it helps you get organised. Having a clear strategy in place will help you realise what you need to post on which channel and when, so you won’t have any huge gaps in your posting. You’ll be able to schedule posts for certain times of the day whilst you get busy working on other things.

You can see what content will work on each channel

Your content strategy should span each of the social media channels that are relevant to you and your business, and a good strategy will show you an indication of which pieces of content will work on each individual channel.

It saves you time

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to schedule posts to be published on each social media channel so that you can rest assured knowing you’ll be present on social without actually having to be there posting. There are programs online which will publish your posts at times and days chosen by you, for you, so you won’t have to do it yourself. This will save you so much time and resource so that you can focus on bigger content pieces like blog posts.

You can identify what works and what doesn’t

With a content calendar that shows you exactly what you have posted and when, you’ll be able to use analytical tools at your disposal for each channel to identify what types of content are working for your audience, and just as crucially; what isn’t. You’ll also get a good feel for the best times of day to publish your posts for the biggest reach and highest levels of engagement which is extremely useful for growing and engaging your audience.

You can get the whole team involved

Getting the whole team involved in your social media content strategy can be tough, but having a clear content strategy and guidelines will act as a stepping stone to get them more interested and enthusiastic. This is because it will take away some of the hassle and confusion surrounding social, and you can set out clear goals for your posts so everyone is on the same page in terms of what you’re aiming for.