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It’s highly likely that your business has its own dedicated Twitter page (and if it doesn’t, it definitely needs one!), but how do you optimise it to get yourself and your services out there? One of the best tools at your disposal on Twitter is hashtags, and if you’re not using them to their full potential, then you’re seriously missing out on a trick.

We’ve listed some of the best ways in which you should be using them to help you on your way to business success on Twitter.

Jump on trending hashtags

Certain hashtags ‘trend’ on Twitter both in your specific region and throughout the world, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with what everyone’s talking about on Twitter and what’s popular. You can then use it to join in the conversation, tweet about relevant things and put your own unique spin on popular news or entertainment stories.

Create your own hashtag

You should also think about creating your own hashtag or hashtags for your business that you use regularly when tweeting. Brands both large and small choose to create their own hashtags for several reasons. Hashtags are a great way to generate buzz around a marketing campaign. This generally means if you’re hosting a competition, you’ll be able to see exactly who has entered by clicking on your hashtag. Also, it’s the opportunity for you to get creative and add a face to your brand, too.

Take advantage of recurring trending hashtags

After a few weeks on Twitter you’ll soon notice that there are a few hashtags that trend every week, or that at least crop up on your timeline a few times a week. These include things like #MotivationMonday, #FollowFriday and #CharityTuesday. These serve as the perfect opportunity for you to create a content strategy that you can rely on each day or week. The Follow Friday movement in particular is still very much alive and well. And it’s a great excuse for your small business to join the conversation and get its name out there.

Search hashtags specific to your business to join a conversation

If you use Twitter for nothing else, use it to learn from others. Head to hashtags like #SMB or #smallbiz for advice, resources and current news of the small business variety (also follow along during Twitter chats). Broad hashtags like these can leave you with endless results, a lot of which won’t be very relevant, but you will eventually find really useful info and tips that you can use to your advantage.