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If you’re looking to expand your business or blog, you’ll no doubt have come across the idea of making your ‘brand’ recognisable and reputable. Your brand is who you are and will ultimately be what your audience or customers connect with. Therefore it’s really important that you keep your branding consistent and competent.

This is especially important in the world of social media, as it’s such a useful tool for getting your name out there. Therefore we’ve come up with some top tips for how best to brand your social media.

Keep your profile photos the same

A surprisingly simple one to start with, but surprisingly important. It’s vital that your audience or customers start to identify with who you are, so the best way to do this is to keep the profile or display picture you use on all your channels the same. This means that every time you change your Facebook profile picture, you change it on Twitter and Instagram too, etc. It might sound extreme and a bit mundane, but it’s really effective for giving your brand a face.

Make sure all of your profiles link to each other, and your website

After all, the whole point of your social media channels is to advertise what you’re doing as a brand/business, so without linking to your website, you’re missing a huge trick there. Keep links highly visible and prominent on each page. Don’t forget to link to each social channel on each one, too.

Adopt a style and keep it consistent

As mentioned above, consistency is key when it comes to creating a brand image. It’s the best way of becoming recognisable and standing out from other accounts out there. Therefore it’s important you pick a posting style and stick to it. This is particularly relevant on sites like Instagram – a highly visible platform where style and aesthetics is everything. You should aim to make your account look as visually pleasing as it is useful, interesting and important for your audience.

Use a watermark on your pictures

You should also think about physically branding your imagery, too. This way, it will stand out on peoples’ newsfeeds with your name or logo so that it will stick in their minds. It’s also the best way of avoiding plagiarism – people won’t be able to repost your images without your brand name being on it.