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Everyone who knows anything about business knows that these days, if you don’t have a presence online, you’re soon to get left behind. A big part of that online presence isn’t just about having a website or a blog – it’s also about having a strong presence on social media.

However, if you’re just starting out, or if you’re a little baffled by social media, it can be really difficult to get that momentum going. And with all the competition out there, it can be difficult to gain followers. But if you don’t have a good following, your efforts are wasted. So here are some top tips for gaining more followers on your social media channels.

Get to know your audience

Without understanding the sort of thing your audience will want to see and read, you will basically just be guessing about what to post. Therefore it’s a really good idea that you do some research into your audience so you can generate a persona to start tailoring your content to that type of person. That way, it will be more engaging and appealing to the people who are most interested in who you are and what you do.

Look at what your competitors are doing

It’s a really good idea to look into your main competitors and also who you strive to be like and how they approach their social media strategy. Look at the type of things they post, the time of days they post, the frequency of posting, the language they use, the engagement levels, the visuals they use, etc. All of these things are crucial learning points that will help you compete or get ahead.

Be present

As well as posting regular, original and interesting content, it’s important that you are engaging with your following to gain their trust and interest. If people are taking the time to comment on your pages (whether it’s positive or negative) it’s important that they are acknowledged or responded too so that they’ll come back again and again.

Give them something exclusive and attractive

Why should they follow you on social media? That is a huge question you should ask yourselves – what do your followers have to gain from you that they can’t get anywhere else? As well as things like expert advice or interesting, entertaining content, you should also think about other ways you can entice those followers. That can mean things like competitions and exclusive offers and discounts, too.

Upgrade your bio

Your bio on each of your social media channels should include interesting and important information about who you are. If the person viewing it can’t tell exactly what you do from those few short sentences, you need to start again. Also include things like relevant hashtags, and links to your website, blog and other social media channels, too.