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Video content is hugely on the rise, and is currently the most popular type of content across social media channels. They’re fun, interesting, useful, engaging and entertaining; everything that social content should be.

Therefore more and more businesses are cashing in on this content, and are utilising YouTube for their company. If you’d like to give it a go, we’re here to help. Here are some of our best top tips.

Keep the content coming, and consistent

Just as you would with any other social media channel, it’s vital that you keep your YouTube content consistent and in line with the rest of your content. Research things like optimum lengths of videos for your audience, and the best times to post. Consider creating a corporate profile or company history video. You can interview the owners, staff, customers, or even yourself.

Tag your videos well and put them in the right category

As well as ensuring that your videos are put into the right categories, you should also add well thought out tags to your videos. Tag things like subjects, topics, industry experts, people you’ve referenced and buzz words.

Write a compelling description

People often forget that the description of your videos is also a really important part of your video content, as it introduces the video and your overall message. Aim to keep it under two sentences, to increase your chances of it actually being read and engaged with. Include a call to action, i.e. a reason people should comment and engage with your posts.

Make sure your company is sharing the video far and wide

You should encourage your company team members to share the videos you post, to ensure as many people are seeing them as possible, far and wide. You should also think about other channels to share your videos on, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. YouTube is a great video hosting platform to start with, but there are lots of others out there, including native posting on the above platforms, to ensure your corporate videos are getting out there to your following.

Include calls to action in the actual videos

Make sure your calls to action are included in the video itself. Possible CTAs can include contacting you for more information, subscribing to your YouTube channel, leaving your feedback, sharing your video on their social network channels, or some other desired action. This is the best way to encourage engagement and so that your videos can serve as a marketing/business development service.