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Twitter is a great platform for marketers and social media leaders to take advantage of as it’s fast paced, the analytics are really in-depth, and most importantly, the whole world seems to be tweeting.

If growing your Twitter following and improving your engagement rate is a big goal for your company’s social media, we’ve put together some tips that you should definitely read to get you on your way to smashing those KPIs.

Improve your chances of getting retweeted

A great way to get more followers is to get retweeted by people, as this will mean your posts will reach a whole new audience. Thinks that can improve your chances of being retweeted include adding links in your posts, adding an image, mentioning relevant people and actually asking people to retweet you, which improves your chances by a staggering 160%.

Reach out to people

If there are specific influencers out there you’d like to connect with on Twitter, it can be a really good idea to reach out to them by sending them a quick tweet. This could be just to introduce yourself and your company, or even to direct them to something specific you’d like them to see – e.g. a project you think they’d be interested in.

Always include images with your tweets

With Twitter being such a fast paced network with millions of tweets posted every second, you need to give your posts the best chance of being seen to grow more followers and improve your engagement rate. A simple but crucial way to do this is to include images with almost every tweet that you post. This will give it a better chance of standing out on people’s timelines.

Communicate with your followers

It’s important that you’re communicating with your followers regularly so that they feel valued and listened to. This doesn’t have to be particularly arduous or time consuming; it can be as simple as returning the favour of retweeting from time to time, or thanking people for following you. You could even ask your followers questions to start a conversation, too.

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags on Twitter can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Use them wisely and sparingly and you’ll generate more traffic to your profile via relevant accounts who are actually likely to be interested in the things you post. Use them badly and you’ll appear as a spam account simply out for likes and followers, which is not good at all for your authority.

Be active and consistent

You’ll need a Twitter content strategy that is consistent and you’ll need to make sure you’re tweeting regularly to gain and maintain momentum. It’s recommended business pages tweet about 4-10 times a day, but this will vary totally on your audience. Play around with what works, along with optimum times of posting.