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If done right, social media can pay the bills so it’s time to take it seriously. It’s time you invested some of your time and resources into different platforms that can benefit your business or blog, and for that we’re here to help.

Here are some top tips for getting serious on social media.

Look into how the different platforms can work for your audience

It’s important to look into which platforms will work best with your target audience and your brand so that you’re spending time wisely. After all, you won’t want to invest hours and hours of your time into making your Twitter page the best it can be, to then realise that the majority of your audience doesn’t even really use Twitter. Spend the time getting to know your audience and understanding what they want and how they use social.

Use an editorial calendar

It’s really important that you post high quality content regularly over the different channels, and that they’re original, useful to your audience and interesting. The best way to make sure that you’re achieving this is to use an editorial calendar of some kind so that you can see exactly what you’re posting and when. This will also be really useful in terms of ensuring that you’ve always got content to post, which is useful for when you’re really busy or are lacking in inspiration, as you’ll have the content there and ready to go.

Pick your followers wisely

You’re being serious about social media now, and when you’re using social media for your business you have to start being purposeful about which accounts you follow. Some platforms have lists or ways to segment the people/brands you follow so you can try to get to your most important content first, but others don’t. So if you don’t want to crowd your feed with stuff that doesn’t help you help others, then you have to be selective. Follow industry experts, bloggers, people you’d like to collaborate with and top influencers… for starters.

Respond to your followers

Getting serious on social means taking your audience seriously so that they’ll do the same with you. You should dedicate some time to respond to any comments or queries from your fans each day so that your engagement rate is impressive, and so that your followers see you as a reliable and approachable source.

Spend some time on your bio

Communicate value and your personality in your bio. Try really hard not to just list nouns or adjectives that describe you and your attributes. Try to communicate what makes you ‘you’ in longer phrases or full sentences.