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If you have a lot of content on your site, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that it’s all up to the same standard, and that that standard is high.

If you’ve taken a lot of time and effort to write it, or have hired someone to do so for you, you should take that same amount of time and effort into editing it, or getting someone else to edit it. After all, if it’s full of errors or doesn’t make much sense, it’s going to put people off your brand.

Here are some simple tips to help you on your way to editing success!

Take a step back from it

If you’ve slaved over a piece of content for hours, you’re likely to start seeing it all as one big blur pretty soon. Therefore, give yourself a break. Take a step back from it – go grab and coffee and regenerate. Come back to it a bit later after you’ve had time to relax and you’ll no doubt find that it’s much easier to spot the mistakes than if you’re sat there staring at it for hours.

Imagine you’re reading it for the first time

When it comes to editing a piece of writing, it’s a good idea to look at it as if you were doing so for the first time (which can obviously feel a little tricky if you have slaved over it for hours). This is a good way to identify whether it actually makes sense as a complete text, and whether someone who didn’t know what you were talking about or wasn’t familiar with the subject would understand it or not.

Can you make it simpler?

If you have noticed that it’s a little complex in parts, why not look into ways you can make it simpler? No one likes reading long or really complicated chunks of texts…after all, it’s hard work. We don’t want to make our readers work hard when reading something we’ve written, so try and help them out and see if you can simplify it.

How does it look on the page?

When editing a piece of text, it’s not just the actual content that you’ll need to think about in terms of editing. You’ll also need to look at the way it’s formatted, and basically just how it actually looks as it’s laid out on the page. Ask yourself questions like; is it messy? Does it look too overwhelming? Could you make use of more subheadings? Is the font clear enough to read? Etc.

Spell and grammar check. And check again.

Spelling and grammar is so important – it’s something that’s been drilled into our heads since we started school. Without sounding like your old English teacher, you’ll need to check your work thoroughly for any spelling and grammatical errors, else it will lose a sense of authority, and it may even be off putting to some readers. It also won’t exactly do wonders for your reputation, either.