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When it comes to giving your following, clients and customers a look into your business and the way you work, videos are one of the best ways to do that. After all, they’re visual, fun and mean no reading for the viewer.

More and more companies are utilising video content as part of their marketing strategies, and it’s easy to see why. Videos are currently the most popular form of content on a variety of social media channels. If you’d like to give videos a go, here are some top tips.

Get the whole team involved

Videos are a great way of showcasing a brand’s personality, and you’ll want to make this personality as true to life as possible, and obviously as attractive and appealing as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to involve as many team members as you can, so that it shows a really 360 view of the company, and so that opinions from all departments shine through. It’s a great way of avoiding the business appearing one-sided or just being run by one person.

Do it professionally

If you’re serious about making video a big part of your content marketing strategy, you need your videos to be of a high quality to fully reflect who you are. Quick, simple mobile videos can work on occasion, but if you want to portray a certain message about your brand, you’ll need to get serious. This means hiring a professional videographer or even an agency to help you with your video production; from filming to editing.

Share them far and wide

Gone are the days where videos were just for YouTube. Whilst YouTube is still the major player in terms of video hosting and sharing platforms, it’s not the only social channel that is seeing a surge in video popularity. Sharing your video on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be really effective, whether natively or by sharing the YouTube version. You can also think about tactics that include embedding them in your email newsletter, or posting them on your blog, too.

Keep in on brand

As video is such a bold, visual medium, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of what your message actually is. It can also be even easier to steer away unintentionally from your brand’s persona. Visually, you should keep the video uniform with the rest of your content; i.e. sticking to the same logos, the same fonts and colour scheme, etc. This will really help to cement your brand’s visual image into your viewers’ minds as you engage them.