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You may not have thought too much about it, but what you’re saying in those 140 characters on Twitter can be a huge tool to use at your business’s disposal to help you grow, and help you connect with your audience.

Due to the short character limit, Twitter can be a tough social media channel to get to grips with, in terms of marketing and promotion, and for just general business use. However, with a bit of practice and a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll see it’s not that difficult after all. We’ve compiled some of those top tips to get you started.

Include a call to action

Social media is a great tool for driving followers to your website or blog, to make a purchase, to read something or simply view your page. The best way to give yourself the strongest chance of people actually doing it is by including a clear call to action in the majority of your tweets, such as ‘click here to…’ or ‘read on here…’

Links are always useful

Linking to other content or to your website or products is a great thing to include in your tweets. After all, this is just free advertising and promotion to your products or services! But links do take up a lot of space, so use link-shortening resources such as Bitly, which shortens your link to under 20 characters.

Images can make a real difference

Tweets often get lost in the Twitterverse, as there are millions of tweets posted every minute. Give your tweet the best chance of being seen by helping it to physically stand out on peoples’ timelines. Adding a striking, eye-catching image can be the easiest way to do this, as can things like minimal use of capitalisation.

Don’t overdo it with the hashtags

Hashtags are what Twitter is all about, and they’re the best tools to use to get involved in relevant conversations, and to jump on trends. However, if you overkill it with them, you can soon lose authority with your followers as they’ll appear really spammy, which will make people think you’re just looking for followers or retweets. Instead, use one or two really carefully selected ones that you think will work best, after some research.

Mention relevant people

You can mention people in your tweets by using the @ sign followed by their Twitter handle. This is a good way of getting the word out there as they may even retweet your tweet if it’s interesting or entertaining enough, which means your tweet will be seen by a whole new audience.