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New website will cover live sports news for World Cup, Confederations Cup and Olympics Games in Brazil. The firm is recruiting local journalists in advance in order to set the platform as the most comprehensive web channel covering everything that takes place in next football world cup. Additional booking for travel Brazil 2014 and World Cup Tickets will also be available online.

Social Media and Secret Spots Coverage

On July 2013 will take place the FIFA Confederations Cup, where will test all the new equipments and staff. Hidden cameras will be located in secret spots on each stadium, live streaming the entire atmosphere surrounding the news stadiums hosting this massive event.

In addition, special panels with live Twitter feeds will connect both the fans at the stadium and users from around the world, for a perfect exchange of emotions and live content. Freelance journalists will attempt to get fresh news and interviews from the players and managers of each national team, while exclusive commentaries from former football players will complement the match coverage.

Real time betting World Cup

In association with betting giant Bet365, the website will feature live odds for each game and users will be able to bet online 24/7, even while the match is being played. Free bets and some cash-back incentive programs will be some of the key differentiation points of this website among others.

Travel Brazil 2014

NewsBrazil2014 provides comparison engines and powerful search tools enabling users to easily travel Brazil 2014. From rent a car to hotels, tours and even hostels, users can compare all the options available in the market and get real value for money when traveling Brazil 2014. Full customer support 24/7 and secure platforms for online payments guarantee a hassle-free experience. Further travel services and deals could be found on Expedia promos across our website.

World Cup Tickets

On top of all the features NewsBrazil2014 will provide towards the next world cup, users will be able to buy world cup tickets either online or by cash at the respective Brazilian offices. Prices are expected to be highly expensive, yet tickets won’t be selling until early 2014.

Football fans already interested in acquiring Brazil 2014 world cup tickets can get in touch with team and secure their place before tickets sell out.