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This is a question that most social media professionals and marketing managers are asked about a billion times by their social clients. And it can be a difficult one to answer. In short, yes, most likely. Whilst Facebook might not be the most relevant for your audience or services, it’s the biggest social media channel by a mile and has been for years; so to ignore it completely could be a huge (and potentially costly) mistake.

If you’re not sure how to utilise Facebook for your business, we’re here to help. Here are a few top tips and ways in which you can use the biggest platform to your advantage, at surprisingly little effort.

Use it to connect with your clients

One big advantage of using Facebook for business has been touched on above – it’s the biggest platform, so that means that it’s most likely that your clients are on there. This means that you can use it to connect with them, through comments and sharing stories. You can also publish your client projects and tag them in it, which is sure to help increase your engagement rates.

Share insights into your team

Likewise, all members of your team are likely to be active on Facebook, so you can use it to tag interesting insider insights, and behind-the-scenes styling posts using staff members. Tagging them in your posts will help to extend your reach, as well as showing a human, personable side to your company.

Learn more about your audience

One of the really great things about creating a business page on Facebook is that you can use the really in-depth analytics to your advantage. Facebook analytics are particularly great as they will teach you so much about your current audience and demographic, including things like where in the world they are, their age range and the gender ratio of fans of your page. This means that you can utilise this to start shaping your content and posts to best suit them and their needs, and what it is they’re likely to be interested in reading or viewing.

Target those who you want to reach out to

As well as tailoring your content to your existing demographic, you can use your analytic results to determine who else it is you’d like to target in terms of an audience. Facebook has great paid ad options so that you can push out your content for a fairly small price to those who you really want to see it.

Share videos of your projects

Videos are the fastest growing type of content in terms of popularity across social; especially on Facebook. Videos play automatically on your Facebook timeline so this will automatically increase your view count. Sharing videos of your projects is a great, unique way to showcase what it is you can do, whilst being digestible and fun for your audience.