Entrepreneurial DNA

Taken To The Next Level


Apply cutting-edge technology to build long lasting companies that can improve people’s lives


Predictable Impact

Build scalable data-driven companies which are consumer oriented and can contribute to the society in which they operate

The Power of Crowds

Fuel change by empowering users with peer to peer marketplaces that are more cost-efficient and convenient

P2P Marketplaces


Reliable credit and payment solutions that can improve the day to day financial activity of end users. We focus on peer to peer lending, analytics and mobile payments


One-stop media outlets which deliver news, entertainment, lifestyle and advertising solutions. We cater bloggers, advertisers and maintream media solutions


Sharing economy platforms that reduce costs, time and hassle. We are leading innovation on the peer to peer renting scene

Growth Strategy


Build companies or acquire controlling equity on cash flow positive businesses


Leverage the teams and technologies cross platforms to achieve scale


Big data analysis to streamline operations and improve user experience


Friction-less monetisation strategies that benefit the ecosystem as a whole

Management Team

Marcelo eats, sleeps and breathes business. He was born in Uruguay – moved to London in 2010 to set up Join Universe, complete his MBA and form a beautiful family. Following his serial-entrepreneurial instincts, he transformed Join Universe from a digital agency into a Corporate Group to better lead and finance all the projects he looks forward to build. Twitter Profile.

Marcelo Barreneche

CEO, Linkedin

Valerio truly embodies Join Universe’s international persona. Indonesian born, Italian raised, US resident, Valerio holds a Master in Transportation Engineering from Georgia Tech – he knows how to get us from where we are to where we want to be with the less possible friction. A rare breed of engineer who can stomach risk and explore new boundaries, a true champion and driving force of Join Universe’s entrepreneurial DNA.

Valerio Oricchio

COO, Linkedin

Juan combines a unique financial and commercial skills-set to come up with leveraged buyout strategies that work. Argentine born, he has the entrepreneurial DNA rare to find in a post-graduate financial analyst who build up his career within multinational firms. He has a clinical risk/reward mind-set, critical for capital allocation cross-sections to make businesses grow at any stage. Juan Ruiz

CFO, Linkedin

Sami has unlimited appetite for data science. Finish born, family advocate, he deploys all his thick academic and multinational awards to purify big data through automated techniques, coming up with relevant products that matter. Although friendly, he doesn’t speak much at work, but with computer interfaces. Sami is at the core of our crusades towards AI for developing marketplaces that can improve people’s lives.

Sami Suuronen

CIO, Linkedin

You need to meet Jukka to confirm he is not virtual reality. Finnish born, he has deployed his computer science expertise in multiple disciplines from machine learning, virtual reality and consumer behaviour modelling, to government projects and setting up private business. His curiosity and appetite for disruptive technologies cannot align better with the philosophy and growth strategy of Join Universe.

Jukka Leino

CTO, Linkedin