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The world of social media is nothing if not constantly evolving. In this article we take a look at LockerDome which is one of the newer social media channels on the block.

What is LockerDome?

In many ways, LockerDome works in a similar way to Pinterest. It is an interest-based platform that enables users to tag and categorise online content that catches their interest.

The history of LockerDome

LockerDome has actually been around since 2008, founded by Gabe Lozano who is based in St Louis, Missouri. Lozano initially founded the platform as a sports-themed social network, but in 2013 the company began broadening its content range, enabling users to created “lockers” for the categorisation of interests (in the same way that Pinterest users create boards).

Since broadening its appeal, LockerDrome’s user base has increased dramatically – the company now reports that it has 75 million users.

LockerDome’s demographic

One of the interesting things about LockerDrome is its demographic – it’s biggest users are males in the 18 to 34 range, this is dramatically different to Pinterest’s largely female user-base.

How you can use LockerDome for your business

If you’re a content creator or publisher, then you apply to LockerDome to be a verified content contributor. This will then mean that LockerDome will take an RSS feed from your site to automatically import your created content into the LockerDome platform, making it easier for users to discover and engage with the content that you have created.

If you are the provider of goods or services, then LockerDome is an effective channel through which you can promote your business through the distribution of engaging content. You can upload links directly to the relevant pages of your web-site, however you’ll achieve the best engagement by creating original content that presents your products or services in an appealing way to your target audience.

While you can use LockerDome to promote your business to whatever demographic you are seeking to engage with, at this stage of the development of the platform you will get the best results if you are targeting males in the 18 to 34 age range.

Does LockerDome require strong images?

One of the big features of Pinterest is that it is a very visual social media channel – unless you have an eye-catching image that will draw the attention of your target market, then you are almost wasting your time. Strong images will definitely have value in terms of improving the visibility of any content that you are distributing through LockerDome, LockerDome works better with word-based content. Ultimately though, our experience is showing us that the richer that you can make your social media posts (with imagery or video) then the more effective that they will be.

So should you be switching all of your social media activity to LockerDome? Probably not just yet but it is definitely worth adding to your armory of social media channels that can be used to help distribute your content, promote your business, and engage with your target audience.