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UK digital agency Join Universe keeps expanding in 2013 with the launch of 10 new websites featuring different concepts. Join Universe looks forward to provide its followers with more daily information not only travel-related but also covering other sectors such as gaming, finance and e-commerce.

The philosophy behind each website will be the same, to provide fresh content relevant to the target audience, in addition to handy tools for comparing prices, improving search and online bookings. Join Universe has formalized partnership with top service providers on each industry, in order to make sure the most quality products will be offered at the lowest prices.

New websites

Some of the new websites that Join Universe made already live include:



The remaining websites related to finance and e-commerce are expected to be launched in February this year.

Value for money

Although Join Universe it determined to keep expanding its capacity, its corporate vision keeps aligned to provide value for money on any product and service. For this purpose Join Universe has not increased its prices and even in many cases it has drop them.

Moreover, new websites such as and encourage travel suppliers to provide competitive offers and deals for the benefit of the end-user. Further information on upcoming deals and latest project can be found at corporate website