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Instagram is a massively growing social media platform, that has been rumoured to one day evolve the way that Facebook has. It’s being taken more and more seriously in terms of using it for your business, and it’s clear to see why.

After all, it’s popular, has a clear market, is highly visual, is fast paced and is growing every day. So if you want to start using it for your business, how do you do so to make sure you’re creating the impression and impact you want to? Here are some top ‘dos and don’ts’ for Instagram for your business.

DO post regularly

It’s important that you keep up with the rest of the millions of Instagram accounts, and make sure your posts appear regularly on your followers’ timelines. It’s recommended that you post 1-3 times a day for maximum impact (and without overdoing it).

DO give followers an insight into life at your business

One of the best things about Instagram is that it can give a unique, personal insight into your life and business. Use this to your advantage and give your followers an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look into life at your business.

DO host competitions

Competitions and giveaways are a great asset to make use of on Instagram. They can be as simple as requesting your followers regram the post, or tag their friends in the comments. This is also a fantastic way to spread your word and get more followers, too.

DO respond to comments or queries

Just as you would on Facebook or Twitter, it’s important that you respond to your followers’ comments, queries and complaints on Instagram. Leaving them unanswered gives a lasting impression on your business’s attitude towards their customers.

DON’T just regurgitate the same old content

Whilst you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Instagram one so that you can share your content easily throughout the channels, it’s important that you have separate content for each one. People will get bored of seeing the same old stuff on each one, and it looks plain lazy.

DON’T overdo the hash tags

Hash tags are exceptionally useful when growing your brand on Instagram, but they can also look really spammy and annoying if you overdo it. Choose them wisely and NEVER use more than 10 on each post. (Even that is quite a lot).