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It has been widely accepted for a while now that your social media content needs to be interactive in order to be engaging. Social media posts that contain a photo deliver better results. Easy. But social media is a rapidly evolving space, so no one should be surprised that the goal posts are continuing to shift – research emerging from industry experts is suggesting that photos are no longer enough. In this article we take a look at how to ensure that you are keeping your social media content at the top of the pile and effectively reaching your target audience.

Quality counts

Using images with your social media is still worth doing but you need to ensure that you are using high quality photography – your images must stand out and really connect with your target audience. Video and GIF content can also be used with great effect – with the continuing development of our devices it is much easier to use this richer type of content in social media. You can also look to deepen your interactivity with your target audience by using tools such as quizzes and surveys to create reveal-based marketing, hooking your target audience’s attention.

Reveal-based content

This is an old-school style of marketing that is making a surprisingly successful re-emergence in the digital age. Attracting a user’s attention and asking that they take some sort of action to see the full picture. Examples include creating digital scratch cards to reveal a promotion or discount; or some sort of game that can be played to secure a discount code. The touch-screen capabilities of smart-phones and tablets are particularly well-suited to reveal-based marketing.

It’s quiz time

There’s a real skill to creating simple but engaging quizzes that will appeal to your target audience. There is evidence to suggest that when you get it right an online quiz can really connect with your target audience, but you nee to ensure that you remain on message and on brand which is difficult to do. These should be approached with caution.

Content and narrative

Storytelling has long been a cornerstone of marketing and advertising, and digital platforms make it easier than ever to create and distribute multi-episode campaigns. Producing this type of content can require big budgets, but with a bit of creativity and some keen student film-makers it is surprising what can be achieved.

Measurement and evaluation

Evaluation is key to determining the return on investment of any marketing campaign, but it is important to ensure that you are measuring the right things. When looking at social media performance you need to be considering audience reach as well as the engagement levels of how many users have clicked through to your content. A simple click-through number may not tell the entire story however, you may also need to look at how many users completed the action that you were asking them to do – whether that is watch a video, take a quick, or play a game.

Make sure that you are designing your social media marketing strategy for the requirements of the future, not the experience of the past.