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There are some franchises out there that you feel familiar with even if you don’t watch/follow them personally. This is because they’ll be everywhere you look, thanks to the power of the internet. The most popular shows, movies, awards ceremonies, album release – you name it – can rarely be ignored because they have a habit of going crazy, socially.

Brands that jump on a trend to help join the buzz is referred to as news jacking – jumping on a popular news story, event or trending topic to benefit themselves.

The idea of jumping on trends certainly isn’t new to digital marketing; in fact it was essentially a PR concept. But with digital marketing powering ahead in recent years, it made sense to jump on board. It’s an idea that cannot be missed in your digital marketing strategy.

Why does it work? It’s simple; because popularity is contagious.

How do you know what will work?

In this industry, you have to be on the ball, because a hot story on a Monday morning can be a fizzler by Wednesday night. Keep on top of social topics by using Google News, Twitter Trends, and RSS Feeds to keep you in the forefront. Upcoming events that you know are happening, The World Cup, or an upcoming Parliament Election, are perfect examples of how to foresee a trend in advance.

Obviously you can’t just jump on any trend – the topic needs to appeal to your audience and market.

The most important step in trend jumping is adding your own spin to the story. What will make it interesting to your audience?

Don’t forget your SEO needs!

The end result is why businesses news jack, so it is always important to remember why you are doing it – to promote your brand and popularise your website. Don’t forget to use keywords relative to you, without ‘keyword stuffing’ of course, as this can do more harm than good. Link through to product pages that are related to the article.

Lastly, don’t forget to share, share share! The more people know about it, the more it’ll catch on. Content is driven by social traction, so get yourselves out there, and be the popular brand that’s always one step ahead! Always check the news in the morning and the main social media channels to keep your eyes peeled for interesting stories and events around the globe that you can use at your advantage.