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For marketers, upping your number of email subscribers is a great way to learn more about your audience and to tailor your content accordingly. It’s also a great way to get your message out there to the masses, whether it’s a promotion you’ve got on, a new product, or something else exciting and new that’s happening in your business.

We’ve listed some ways to help increase your number of email subscribers to help you do this.

Advertise your newsletter

Simply put, if people don’t know you have a newsletter, they won’t sign up to receive it in their inbox. Therefore you’ll need to ensure your newsletter is well advertised across your website and your social media channels, to illustrate to your audience that you have it, and that they should sign up to it. Do regular social media promotional posts each time you send out your newsletter to remind people to check their inboxes to look out for it, too.

Make it easy for people to join

Likewise, when people have discovered you’ve got a newsletter, you’ll need to make it as easy for people to sign up to receive it as possible. For example, get the sign up box on your homepage of the website, and link to it in your bio on your social media channels. Generally, if it takes more than two clicks, people won’t do it.

Make the content exclusive

The content should be exclusive to the newsletter – basically, you should be giving your newsletter readership something that they can’t get from you anywhere else. This will include things like a first look or announcement of new products, exclusive offers and discounts on your products or services, or interesting insights into your business or industry. It needs to make your readers feel like VIPs – so they feel like they’re getting something out of it every time it lands in their inbox.

Give people an incentive to join

This links to the above point in terms of content, but to get people to actually sign up, it’s a good idea to give people an incentive to do so. After all, people don’t tend to like doing things for free, or for no good reason. Put your new sign ups into a prize draw to win something really appealing and attractive, as it’s generally accepted that people don’t mind giving you their personal data if there’s a chance they’ll get something from you in return.