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Today we’re seeing more and more brands taking to Instagram to connect with their audience, from fashion retailers to vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Regardless of their market or industry, these clever brands and businesses are sharing snaps on social to achieve recognition and increase engagement.

However, they’re also doing it to give something back to those loyal fans out there that genuinely care about their brand. Why? Because Instagram is a platform that easily allows you to reward your customers and followers, and makes them feel valued. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover how…

Showcase their photos

You might have heard the phrase ‘User Generated Content’ before, and this is a really useful tool at any marketer or social media professional’s disposal. This refers to content that you customers/followers make themselves whilst utilising your products or portraying one of your key messages, for you to reuse on your own channels.

Keep an eye out for photos where users have tagged you or used your hashtags, and ‘regram’ them (repost it on your Instagram). This is a great feeling for the user, and helps you gain brand advocates as well as showing your products in a raw, authentic way.

Offer them a unique insight into your company

Instagram is great in particular for going behind the scenes and showcasing life at your company, as it’s based on images and living (and taking photos) in the moment. Give your followers a unique insight into your company by giving them a VIP pass to the behind the scenes happenings in your work. Helping them feel included in this way is great for helping them feel a part of what you do.

Give them exclusive offers and rewards

You can also share exclusive offers and rewards with your followers on Instagram, such as discount or offer codes to use on your website. This not only gives people an incentive to follow you on this channel as well as your other ones, but shows them that you want to reward them for doing so. You can also host Instagram based competitions to win exclusive, special prizes, too.

Engage with them

Instagram should never be underestimated in terms of brand and consumer engagement. In fact, brands achieve the highest engagement rates on Instagram out of any of the social channels. So use this to your advantage; respond to their comments and queries, thank them for taking the time to like your posts, and ask them questions in your captions. Getting new followers on Instagram doesn’t tend to be the main issue – keeping them definitely is. You’ll want to make sure they know they’re valued, and acknowledging them is a great way to do this.