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As a business owner, you’ll understand that cheap marketing resources are good, but free marketing resources are great. Particularly if you are a very small business or a start up, you’re unlikely to have lots of spare cash to spend on things like social media marketing, but if you don’t take advantage of the world of social, you’ll soon get left behind.

Therefore we’ve hunted around for the best social marketing tips that won’t cost you a penny. We’ve chosen to focus on Facebook as that continues to be the biggest and best platform to put your business efforts into.

Boost engagement as much as you can

Facebook is the ideal platform to connect to your audience as it’s so easy to use it to strike up a conversation and get people talking. If your followers are taking the time to like your posts or comment on them, ensure you spend some of your time replying. This is a great way to improve and boost engagement and to build trust with your audience and fans.

Brand your page well

It’s so important that your page looks good as well as having substance to it in terms of content. Plan your profile picture and your cover photo well to ensure you’re giving off the best impression to your followers and potential followers as possible. Upgrade your ‘about me’ section so that it really reflects who you are as a brand whilst covering what it is you do. Make sure you have clear links to your website or blog, too.

Use Facebook insights and analytics to know your audience

Basic Facebook insights and analytics are free to access…so use them! They are the ideal way to generate personas of your following, so that you can best identify who is interested in your brand, products or page and who you can reach out to. It’s the best way to realise which posts are having the most impact on your audience too, so that you can start optimising your content schedule accordingly.

Offer exclusive deals and promotions

You’ll have no doubt seen Facebook business pages that offer competitions and promotions that are specific to their Facebook page and this is great. It’s the ideal way to get people to hit that ‘like’ button and to follow the page to keep their eyes peeled for more great giveaways. After all, people love free stuff and the chance of winning.

Post regular original and interesting content

Of course, it will largely come down to great, winning content. If you are posting regular original, interesting and topical content, the rest is sure to follow. Be committed and consistent in your approach to your page. Putting the effort in at this stage will go a long way.