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It is important to remark that the following businesses have been “cherry-picked” to illustrate some of the products and services we are proud of building. Join Universe keeps starting new endeavours and acquiring early-stage sensations that can contribute to improving the overall ecosystem.

TuTasa promotes revolutionary peer to peer lending and mobile payment solutions across Latin America. It combines advanced machine learning analytics with local expertise to overcome the highly-regulated financial scene, offering friendly user interfaces to get lower interest rates, better returns for savings and mobile payment solutions

Blogness meets bloggers with advertisers for syndicating relevant stories on hundreds of niches and multiple languages. It underpins a larger structure of media outlets that Join Universe is working on

HireJungle grows as a pioneer of the sharing economy offering peer to peer renting solutions for goods and services. Users benefit from paying only for what they use avoiding the stock of one-in-a-lifetime products. Our eBay’s “try before you buy” scheme keeps pushing the boundaries of the online consumer behaviour

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