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If you create a great app, that will make people want to download it, right? If only it actually worked that way. It doesn’t actually matter how useful, beautiful, easy to use, or innovative your app is, if people don’t actually know about it, they’re not going to download it.

Luckily, although the mobile app industry is highly competitive, effective mobile app marketing is actually quite easy to do. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

appnext1Perhaps the easiest and most direct way to get your app onto the devices of your ideal customers is through targeted in-app advertising. Mobile app advertising networks, such as appnext, place ads for your app inside the apps that your target customers are already using. It’s advertising straight to the source and if done right can be extremely effective.

In-app advertising is only one marketing route you want to take, however. Additionally, you should promote your app on review sites, where, as long as you have a great app, the reviewers do all the marketing work for you. Moreover, in these days of social media, you won’t get anywhere without a well-planned social media marketing initiative.

All of these external marketing methods are great for app awareness, but you shouldn’t ignore the place where people will actually download your app, the app stores. As many as 80% of all app downloads come from organic searches in app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Therefore, it is vital that you spend a good deal of time on your app’s page, both so that you move up in the search rankings and that your app is actually attractive to people when they end up on your page. While it may seem daunting, by using the right mobile app marketing channels effectively your downloads will only increase.