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If you’re a blogger or marketer and want to start making a name for yourself, social media is of course one of the best, easiest and most popular ways to do so successfully. However, social media doesn’t come with a guidebook as to how to use each channel effectively, and it’s easy to make a few mistakes along the way.

These mistakes can sometimes hinder your credibility and can affect your number of followers, so we’re here to help. Here are 5 things you should stop doing on social media ASAP.

1. Over doing it with the hash tags

Hash tags are a fantastic way of jumping on popular topics, themes and ideas, and therefore are a great way of getting your content out there to the masses. However, using an over kill of them on each post is a sure fire way to irritate people. After all #hash #tagging #every #word looks messy, makes it hard to read and suggests that you’re just after followers. Use them by all means, but with caution.

2. Uploading lots of content all at once

If you’re hit with a content block but then overcome it and have lots of inspiration for posts, it will be pretty obvious to your followers. It will also be also quite irritating to see loads of posts all at once from you, especially if they’re all about one or two occasions or topics. Instead, schedule your posts out evenly. That way you’ll always have fresh content ready, too.

3. Keeping your pages private

Depending on what you want to use your social media channels for, if they’re for promotion and to gain a following, you’ll need them to be open to the public. After all, people are less likely to follow you if they don’t know what they’ll be following. Of course, you’ll need to be cautious about what you do share when your pages are open as they’ll be accessible to all, so that’s something to think about.

4. Pitching to brands publicly

One way to lose credibility and get on people’s nerves without fail is to pitch yourself and your blog/business to brands publicly. Sure, it’s great to put yourself out there to brands and let them know you’d love to collaborate with a review for example, but doing so via something as public as a tweet looks so unprofessional. Send them a private message instead.

5. Posting the same piece of content on every platform

Repetitiveness is another pet hate of people who spend a lot of time on social media. Therefore it’s important to mix your posts up a bit over each of the platforms, so that you’re not simply regurgitating the same content onto each channel. A simple rewording can usually do the trick to change things up a bit – it doesn’t have to be a whole new post each time.